Innovative Corporate Catering Services

Reinvestment of earnings into trendy décor and equipment while providing ample opportunities to keep our corporate catering team on the culinary cutting edge amounts to innovative food & beverage catering events for our corporate clients.

Count on our corporate catering culinary experts to convey your brand and image with a professionally catered business event.

  UFS Awards

ACF Beehive Chefs – Chef of the Year, Zachary Davidson – 2014

The Beehive Chefs of the American Culinary Federation, honored UFS Sous Chef, Zachary Davidson as Chef of the Year.

ACF Beehive Chefs – Lifetime Achievement, Bill Holley – 2014 and Robert Sullivan – 2008

The ACF Beehive Chefs honored UFS Corporate Chef, Bill Holley, and UFS Owner, Robert Sullivan, with Lifetime Achievement awards.

Celebrity Judge Award, CNS Art & Soup – 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009

2014 Best International Soup, 2013 Best Dessert, 2012 Best Presentation, 2011 Most Unique Soup, 2009 Best Vegetarian Soup.

Employer of the Year, Golden Key Award – 2013 and 2012

The Utah Governor recognized UFS’s outstanding contributions that promote employment opportunities for people of all abilities.

Sustainable Business Award – 2013

Utah Business Magazine awarded Utah Food Services’ ongoing green efforts to protect and improve the environment.

Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility – 2010, 2009 and 2006

The Alfred P. Sloan “When Work Works” Award deemed UFS as a flexible workplace that makes “work” better for our employees.

Achievement in Catering Excellence (ACE) Finalist – 2010

The International Catersource Convention profiled UFS as an outstanding and resilient caterer in spite of a downward economy.

Turn Community Employer Award – 2009

Turn Community Services chose UFS as an Outstanding Long Term Employer of People with Disabilities.

Best of State – 2008 and 2005

The Best of State organization chose UFS as the “Best Caterer” in 2008 and “Best Services” in 2005.

Best Companies to Work For – 2008

Utah Business Magazine recognized UFS as one of Utah’s “Best Companies to Work For.”

President Award, Utah Restaurant Association – 2005

UFS earned the “President’s Award for Outstanding Service to the Food Services Industry.”

Top 25 Fastest Growing Companies – 2000 and 1999

Ranked by Utah 100 MountainWest Venture Group, Utah Food Services received this honor two years in a row.