Saturday, May 21st 2016

Salt Palace Catering Synergy

On May 14th the Salt Palace Crew and the Catering Team at Utah Food Services took on one of the most challenging events in 2016…turning a room from a theater setting for 7000 into dinner for 3,500 convention goers. (And did we mention it all happened in less than 2 hours!) The countless hours of careful planning paid off with a seamless execution.  We call that catering synergy!

Thank you Salt Palace for not only moving at an incredible pace but jumping in and helping us set the tables. It truly was an amazing team effort. As the folks at Melaleuca would say: “This Year, I will… take on incredible challenges and succeed!” Stay tuned for the next amazing feat…120,891 meals (total breakfasts, lunches, dinners and breaks) served during the upcoming ETS convention.


catering synergy collage from Utah Food Services


One thought on “Salt Palace Catering Synergy”

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