a toast to teri retiring
Wednesday, January 4th 2017

A Toast To Teri

Teri Newfang, UFS Director of Sales and literally jack-of-all-trades, decided to retire at the end of 2016. Last year, after we begged and pleaded, we successfully cajoled her into staying another year; we were lucky.

Teri and Catering Excellence

How do you fill Teri’s shoes? She has pushed every one of us to strive for catering excellence, be it better equipment, trendy décor, tighter timelines, enhanced menus, stellar service, you name it. She has never been one to sit back and expect an catered event to just happen. She sees it through from beginning to end, as in lights out, tables cleared, and trucks loaded. She will be missed is the biggest understatement of the year however, her legacy will continue to make us better chefs, servers, managers, and friends.

So, with one final toast to Teri, we say thanks, and may you finally have time to ride into the sunset.

For more information on who we are and what we love to do, please sure to visit our Utah Food Services catering blog.


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