Wednesday, September 12th 2018

Angels Hands Fundraiser Gala

Utah Food Services is looking forward to catering Angel’s Hands Foundation (AHF) Annual Friendraiser on September 22, 2018. As a leading caterer in Salt Lake, Utah Food Services has the privilege to cater to various fundraisers, galas, walk-a-thons, you name it. Angel’s Hands Friendraiser held at Mountain America Expo Center is one among the many, but this one stands out as a beacon of light. The event follows the format of a typical fundraiser: silent auction, dinner, drinks, brief program, live auction, good night. However, their mission is anything but typical, which can be seen in the faces on the screen, the families on the podium, and the angels welcoming guests at the door. Inspired by their son Matt, the founders, Mark and Roxanne Kristensen, together with their neighbors, Steve and Suzanne Stauffer, started raising money to help others like them: families living with incurable diseases. These are kids with a diagnosis that is unpronounceable, a prognosis that is unfathomable, medical bills that are insurmountable, but with courage that is indestructible.

Bleary eyes are guaranteed as the guests witness first-hand the impact this organization makes on these precious kids. These families are given hope, support, and friendship, which they desperately need but is not available by medical providers. They are often on their own trying to navigate this new life that has completely rocked their world and due to the rarity of these diseases, they are the experts. Angel’s Hands has united this group and created opportunities for families to connect with one another and recreate together. Additionally, they provide monetary assistance for medical necessities that are otherwise unaffordable. Every dollar raised helps these families in numerous ways and none of it goes towards salaries or infrastructure. This small army of volunteers truly rescues these earthly angels. To learn more about Angels Hands please visit their website:


To Donate to the Angel’s Hands Foundation:

Kate Sullivan, Marketing Director at Utah Food Services


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