Friday, March 18th 2016

Catersource 2016


Utah Food Services had the opportunity to send a team of 4 people to Las Vegas for this year’s Catersource 2016 Convention. Events like this allow Utah Food Services to network with people throughout the world who share an interest in the culinary arts.

This year, Utah Food Services had a catering manager attendee in an estimated 32 courses. These catering oriented classes range from proposal writing, to teamwork operations, to culinary techniques, to knowing and advertising your brand. With classes during the day, and receptions at night, you get the opportunity to learn about new concepts as well as seeing them put into action. This grandiose display of the newest trends and technologies is an excellent way for Utah Food Services to cultivate new ideas for our own operations, as well as an opportunity to evaluate where we feel we are exceeding the abilities of other caterers.

An idea from one of the courses I attended, “Becoming a brand with a plan” was a good look into the current efforts of the Utah Food Services catering marketing department, and allowed another perspective on how difficult it can be to re-brand, and how crucial it is for every employee in the company to adhere to the intended message of a brand. If you want to advertise quality for your catering food, event catering set up and catering services, it is important for every employee to have the companies best interests in mind. During the opening session, the speaker stated “Snow White Never has a Bad Day” which is a crucial lesson that we can put into action here at Utah Food Services. People plan their events for a very long time, and these events tend to be a big deal for a lot of people. It doesn’t matter how good of a price the sales team gives them, or how delicious of a meal the chefs cook up, if someone shows up with a bad attitude and ruins someone’s day, it can turn a client off to our company forever because of how we made them feel.

Overall, events like this are essential to the cultivation of new ideas and partnerships with like-minded individuals. It is an excellent way to keep our catering staff involved in the catering industry and ultimately, to help our clients get the experience that they’re looking for.

Thank you to our friends at catersource for another excellent year!



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