Friday, July 1st 2016

Cupcake Decorating: Mini Hamburgers

You will need for this cupcake decorating recipe:

-White Cupcakes (Without Liners) Sprinkled with Sesame Seeds or Poppy Seeds

-Chocolate Ganache

-Marzipan or Fondant (Dyed Yellow-Orange)

-Raspberry Coulis (Or Jelly)

-Coconut (Dyed Green)

cupcake decorating recipe

Step 1: Cut cupcakes in half horizontally using a serrated knife. The ratio should be about 50/50 this will create the “bun”.

cupcake decorating steps

Step 2: Pipe a thick layer of chocolate ganache onto the bottom half of the cupcake. (This will create the “hamburger” patty)

how to decorate cupcakes

Step 3: Flatten and cut the marzipan (or fondant) into squares large enough to cover the hamburger patty. (This will be the cheese)

decorating cupcakes steps continued

Step 4: Squeeze Raspberry Coulis (or Raspberry Jelly) on top of the marzipan slice (this will be the ketchup)

cupcake decorating recipe Step five

Step 5: Mix your shredded coconut with green food coloring until well covered (this will be the lettuce)

cupcake decorating recipe step 6

Step 6: Place the top back onto the hamburger and, voila!


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