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Friday, December 2nd 2016

Top Workplace Award

Utah Food Services recently received the honor of being one of Utah’s top workplaces in 2016. We are a Utah catering company that loves what we do and we Make sure that it shows. During events, we love to smile and enjoy conversations with our clients.  And behind the scenes, we play friendly pranks and joke around with our coworkers.

Company culture says a lot about your business… but especially about the people who work there. At UFS, we enjoy a friendly work environment where humor plays an integral role. We love what we do, and we like to surround ourselves with passionate people. At our catering company, no one is safe from office pranks. After comic con, our CFO had his office filled with cardboard cutouts, our anti-Christmas-before-Halloween catering director had her desk decorated in festive red and green, and our chefs (even though they prepare our lunches) have experienced a joking sales staff who tell them that their food count increased by the 100’s. Catering in Utah is so versatile, that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed… No two events are the same, and pulling them off perfectly can be tricky and stressful. Building a cohesive team is how we keep up with our daily challenges, and humor seems to play an essential role in that.  

All joking aside, housing a cheerful workplace is part of the core values that Utah Food Services likes to endorse. That is why we are considered a top workplace for our staff.  It’s who we are and it’s who we like to attract to our company (coworkers as well as clients). People spend over half of their lives at work… We believe that as long as you can get your work done, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be fun. 

To learn more about other Utah companies who enjoy a lighthearted work environment, check out this article by the Salt Lake Tribune

top workplace smiling chrisemma smiling at top workplacelucas working and being happy

(We love what we do… and it shows!)

For more information on who we are and what we love to do, please sure to visit our Utah Food Services catering blog.


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