Wednesday, April 27th 2016

Utah Food Services gets Greener and Cleaner

Utah Food Services recently remodeled our North Salt Lake catering facility with sustainable practices in mind. Re-investing in our catering business has become essential for us to maintain a standard of excellence. Aesthetically, renovations include: new office furniture, carpet, paint, wall art, technology, resulting in a polished professional environment with a better work flow. The environmental advancements go deeper such as:


  • Alternative Fuel. UFS converted most of our mobile catering fleet into alternative fuel vehicles and installed a fuel station on-site. This shift has reduced the amount of C02 released by our vans by an estimated 1894 lbs. per vehicle annually.


  • Tankless Water Heater. We replaced our storage tank water heater with an energy efficient tankless model. This allows us to get hot water as needed, therefore conserving energy otherwise used to maintain standing water temperatures.


  • LED Lights. Utilizing incentives from Rocky Mountain Power, UFS made the switch to motion sensor LED lights. These lights save 75% more energy than incandescent lighting. In addition to the conservation benefits of motion sensor lighting, the touchless light switches reduce the amount of times someone comes in contact with a high traffic area, therefore reducing the amount of bacteria that would have otherwise been spread.  Perfect solution for a catering company and best practices.


  • Next up: Hydroponic Garden. A one acre parcel of land is currently being cultivated at our North Salt Lake catering facility in preparation of our very own organic hydroponic garden. Stay tuned as the planting season is only weeks away!


As one of the premier caterers for Salt Lake City and Utah, we continuously strive to be responsible to the community in which we live. If you can see potential areas for conservational growth, please don’t hesitate to share!



For more incentive and ideas on how you or your company can be more energy efficient (and potentially qualify for a rebate) check out

For more information about Utah Food Service’s Green Eco-Efforts, please sure to visit our Catering for a Greener World blog.



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