Reinvestment of earnings into trendy décor and equipment while providing ample opportunities to keep our team on the culinary cutting edge amounts to innovative food & beverage catering events for our corporate clients.

Count on our culinary experts to convey your brand and corporate image with a professionally catered business event.

  UFS Awards

ACF Beehive Chefs – Chef of the Year, Zachary Davidson – 2014

The Beehive Chefs of the American Culinary Federation, honored UFS Sous Chef, Zachary Davidson as Chef of the Year.

ACF Beehive Chefs – Lifetime Achievement, Bill Holley – 2014 and Robert Sullivan – 2008

The ACF Beehive Chefs honored UFS Corporate Chef, Bill Holley, and UFS Owner, Robert Sullivan, with Lifetime Achievement awards.

Celebrity Judge Award, CNS Art & Soup – 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009

2014 Best International Soup, 2013 Best Dessert, 2012 Best Presentation, 2011 Most Unique Soup, 2009 Best Vegetarian Soup.

Employer of the Year, Golden Key Award – 2013 and 2012

The Utah Governor recognized UFS’s outstanding contributions that promote employment opportunities for people of all abilities.

Sustainable Business Award – 2013

Utah Business Magazine awarded Utah Food Services’ ongoing green efforts to protect and improve the environment.

Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility – 2010, 2009 and 2006

The Alfred P. Sloan “When Work Works” Award deemed UFS as a flexible workplace that makes “work” better for our employees.

Achievement in Catering Excellence (ACE) Finalist – 2010

The International Catersource Convention profiled UFS as an outstanding and resilient caterer in spite of a downward economy.

Turn Community Employer Award – 2009

Turn Community Services chose UFS as an Outstanding Long Term Employer of People with Disabilities.

Best of State – 2008 and 2005

The Best of State organization chose UFS as the “Best Caterer” in 2008 and “Best Services” in 2005.

Best Companies to Work For – 2008

Utah Business Magazine recognized UFS as one of Utah’s “Best Companies to Work For.”

President Award, Utah Restaurant Association – 2005

UFS earned the “President’s Award for Outstanding Service to the Food Services Industry.”

Top 25 Fastest Growing Companies – 2000 and 1999

Ranked by Utah 100 MountainWest Venture Group, Utah Food Services received this honor two years in a row.

Expect courteous and attentive service, we enjoy our catering events and it shows.